Research Team

A black and white photo of researcher Katherine Runswick-Cole


Katherine Runswick-Cole is Professor of Critical Disability Studies and Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom.  Katherine is also the mother of two young adults, one of whom has attracted the label of autism.

A black and white photo of researcher Anne McGuire


Anne McGuire is an Assistant Professor in the Equity Studies Program at New College, University of Toronto. Her teaching and research draw on interpretive perspectives in disability studies and cultural studies and focus on questions of human vitality and precarity.

A black and white photo of researcher Carla Rice


Carla Rice is Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada specializing in embodiment and subjectivity studies and in arts-based and research creation methodologies.

A black and white photo of researcher Estée Klar


Estée Klar is completing her PhD at York University in Critical Disability Studies. She holds former degrees in Fine Art/Art History. Her interdisciplinary research creates a new experimental method for collaborating with autistic experience and knowledge, focusing on the non-speaking autistic community through arts-based intra-ethnography.

A black and white photo of researcher Meg Gibson


Meg (Margaret F.) Gibson is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work at York University, and the parent of two children.

A black and white photo of researcher Patty Douglas


Patty Douglas is the lead researcher on the Enacting project. She is an Assistant Professor of critical disability studies in the Faculty of Education at Brandon University, and a Senior Research Affiliate with Re•Vision: The Centre for Creative and Collaborative Inquiry.