The story which Mandy created is about an event which occurred several years ago to her child and their family. 

Mandy is thankful that Estee Klar suggested her to Patty Douglas as a potential participant. It was a very interesting opportunity. As scary as it appeared to be, she met some great people and truly misses seeing and interacting with them now that the workshop is over. This was a well-planned workshop and, as an autistic person, it made Mandy feel like she was accepted and she had value to the project.

A black and white photo of storyteller Mandy Klein

Mandy Klein is an autistic advocate/ beginner activist. She lives with her autistic husband and autistic teenager, along with many pets.  Identified at age 34 following her child’s autism diagnosis, she’s found relief and answers in the knowing why she experiences the world the way she does.

Severe anxiety has been constant in her life, limiting her opportunities.  She communicates best through written/typed word and is non-speaking many times, especially in groups of people where she is anxious and unsure.

Mandy writes a blog, Tales From an Autism Family. That blog also has a Facebook Page which shares links to its own posts and other posts about autism or disabilities.  Her writing has been quoted in Autism Ontario’s joint response (through OPAAA) to the Government of Ontario’s Select Committee on Developmental Services Interim Reportreleased March 5, 2014 and her blog has been archived in the Special Collections and Archives department of the Brock University Library.  She has also had an essay published in the anthology: Typed Words, Loud Voices which was edited by Amy Sequenzia & Elizabeth J. Grace.

Mandy dreamed up and helped to organize a local autism symposium, Autism Rocks!—Let Us Move You.  A symposium by and for autistic people. Many presenters were autistic and many attendees were autistic or family members.