A black and white photo of researcher Katherine Runswick-Cole

Katherine Runswick-Cole is Professor of Critical Disability Studies and Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom. Katherine is also the mother of two young adults, one of whom has attracted the label of autism.

She is one of the editors of Re-thinking Autism: disability, identity & diagnosis, which seeks to trouble biomedical models of autism and to explore the impact of autism as a cultural category, or social construct, that has very ‘real’ impacts on the lives of people who attract the label and on their families and allies.

Katherine is both a Co-Investigator on the project and one of the participants, working with Anne McGuire, and the facilitators, to create a short film and series of podcasts to explore autism’s cultural presence.

You can contact Katherine at: k.runswick-cole@mmu.ac.uk or follow her on Twitter @k_runswick_cole

Katherine Runswick-Cole, BSc (Hons), MA (Hons), PGCE, PhD, FRSA
Professor of Critical Disability Studies & Psychology
Brooks Building 
Birley Fields Campus
M15 6GX
Tel: 0161 247 2906