These are the two videos that I made for Enacting Critical Disability Communities in Education at the October 2016 digital story telling workshop. I made them thinking more visually than theoretically, which is the opposite of how I usually work–so figuring out exactly how to talk about them is difficult. I am also enormously proud of them, and so it’s kind of a hassle to say nice things about myself.

Fidget, is my hands playing with “Fidget Toys”, which are quite commonly found in people that have sensory disorders. I continue to be interested in the semiotics of autistic bodies, and it was strange making these–because it put how awkward my body is in space, evidence of clumsiness that I knew but perhaps did not internalise. The second movie, Weschler, is named after Weschler blocks, a now slightly out of fashion psych test that was supposed to mark the connections between hands and eyes. Two facilitators made the small blocks for me, as the original blocks are under lock and key, and pretty much impossible to get if you are not in psych. I crafted the soundtrack from fidget, from the sounds of the actual toys, and a stock stop watch. The soundtrack for the Weschler peice, is Glass’s Geometry from Circles–tying it to a kind of process oriented sublimity, but also Sesame Street, and abstraction used paedologically. These are also obviously burlesques of the clinic, and the sterility therein. Michelle Peak filmed them.

A black and white photo of storyteller Anthony Easton

Anthony Easton is a writer, artist, and theologian. They are interested in class, sex, gender and the west.

They have been published in Spin, The Atlantic, Pitchfork, Globe and Mail, and others. They have presented at conferences throughout North America, and in Europe. Their art has been shown in Toronto, New York, Chicago, and is in the collection of the library of the National Gallery of Canada. They will start a PhD at the University of Aberdeen in 2017.

Bio photo by: Meagan Tutti Peters