About the Storytellers

A black and white photo of storyteller Anthony Easton


Anthony Easton is a writer, artist, and theologian. They are interested in class, sex, gender and the west. They have been published in Spin, The Atlantic, Pitchfork, Globe and Mail, and others.

A black and white photo of storyteller David Preyde


David Preyde is a freelance writer who lives in Toronto. Among other things, he’s written about surviving high school with Asperger’s, a dating guide for people with Asperger’s, a novel about how much it sucks to be a twelve-year-old with undiagnosed Asperger’s, and a short story in which killer robots take over the world and autistic people are the only survivors.

A black and white photo of storyteller Mandy Klein

Mandy Klein

Mandy Klein is an autistic advocate/ beginner activist.  She lives with her autistic husband and autistic teenager, along with many pets.  Identified at age 34 following her child’s autism diagnosis, she’s found relief and answers in the knowing why she experiences the world the way she does.

A black and white photo of storyteller Bridget Liang


Bridget Liang is a mixed race, queer, transfeminine, neurodiverse, disabled, fat fangirl. They came into their queerness in Hamilton Ontario and co-founded RADAR Youth Group at the LGBTQ Wellness Centre (the Well), the first queer group in a high school in Hamilton, and were instrumental in the passing of an equity policy in the HWDSB.

A black and white photo of storyteller Pamela Block


Pamela Block is a Professor of Disability Studies at Stony Brook University and the younger sister of Hope Block. Hope is an autistic woman who has been looking for her “forever home.” The film is a brief chapter of this search.

A black and white photo of storyteller Chelsea Temple Jones


Dr. Chelsea Temple Jones is a prairie woman teaching disability studies in the heart of Toronto. Her doctoral research, in the area of Communication and Culture, focuses on gathering phenomenological reflections on writing processes involving triple-labelled people and the motion of freewriting as an entry point toward understanding hidden writing practices.

A black and white photo of storyteller Raya Shields


I am an autistic young adult with an additional diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and I have just completed my Bachelor of Arts at Ryerson University. I have a deep love of everything science fiction and of children’s literature. My current interests include animal rights activism, critical disability studies, writing poetry, and the television shows Hannibal, Supernatural, In the Flesh, and Fringe!

A black and white photo of storyteller Joan


なみ Toronto urban forager, cat stalker, vintage perfumista, tea/coffee/wine buff.

A black and white photo of storyteller Brittany Van Beilen


Brittany is an ABA Therapist and student of the Disability Studies program at Ryerson University. With a Disability Studies background, Brittany brings a unique perspective to her work, which she finds challenging but believes is important.

A black and white photo of storyteller Frances Woods

Frances Woods



Talia Johnson is a multi-faceted woman who has a transgender history, is autistic, Jewish, queer, and more than the sum of her parts. She lives and works in Toronto. Her work centres on bridging faith and queer communites and people, facilitating workshops, educating, speaking, writing, and one-on-one coaching, counselling, and mentoring.